Eggstreme - Sizzler Supremacy

Eggstreme - Sizzler Supremacy 1.10

Help the eggs fight evil and save Easter!


  • Cute graphics and sounds
  • Interesting gameplay


  • No help system
  • Demo play is a little too short


I've always been a fan of Easter, if only because it's an excuse to scoff myself stupid on chocolate eggs. I often wonder what would happen if those eggs came to live, spawned, and set out to conquer the planet.

Well, my wondering is over because now I get to act out that scenario on my Pocket PC, thanks to Eggstreme. It's a puzzle game featuring a series of coloured eggs that you need to join together by switching them around.

All the eggs are arranged on a board in a series of rows and columns, and you must switch them by highlighting one and moving it to an adjacent square either horizontally, vertically or diagonally. You can only move an egg if it creates a line of eggs of the same colour, which then disappear and give you lots of tasty points.

Unfortunately I had to discover all of this information myself because the game comes with no instructions, making it very frustrating to get going. There is a Hints system showing you which egg you can move but for some reason this doesn't always work.

The gameplay itself is quite good fun once you get going, and there are a few extra elements to the challenge, such as egg timebombs and power-ups. There are two different game modes - Easy game and Timed game, though you can't play either of them for too long in this somewhat limited demo. Just as you really start to get going, your game will be cut short (a clever trick by the developers in order to get you to upgrade, methinks).

Eggstreme is a fun puzzle game, though it needs some persistence before you can really start racking up big combos.

Gear up for the challenge of the century with Eggstreme - Sizzler Supremacy. The Eggs have finally got it right this year. The Eggs have always been a civil race. Easy going and law abiding (although known to crack under pressure occasionally). But this Easter, things are going to change.

The Eggatrons have invaded to establish a new order. Help the Eggs fight back - to reach supremacy - to restore their position in the albumen. All Eggs, black, white, small, big, dotted and even slightly cracked will have to unite to combat this evil. Your fellow yolks need you in the scrambling sizzle that has erupted.

The adventure has just begun.

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Eggstreme - Sizzler Supremacy


Eggstreme - Sizzler Supremacy 1.10

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